5D Promade Rapid Setup 1000 Fans


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Rapid Promade Fans

Our Promade Fans Collection is offered in eco-friendly tray. It comes in quantity of approximately 1000 fans per tray.

Every tray includes mixed lengths from 8-15mm, which allows you to have all sizes you need for a full set in one place and reduces your time organising lash strips. You can create up to 7 Volume full sets(and much more for refills) with a 1000 fan tray!

Another outstanding feature of this Collection is that the fans have already been organised in lines which can easily be stuck on our Sticky Silicone Reusable Pad for a speedy setup. Simply take out a strip from the box then place onto our Sticky Silicone Reusable Pad and you are ready for lashing. Please note that the Sticky Silicone Reusable Pad is essential for lashing with our Promade Fans Rapid Setup.

Key Features:

- Super sharp and pointy base

- 100% handcrafted by proficient lash artists

- Eco-friendly trays

- Materials: the highest quality Korean PBT fiber

- 100% handmade so they are not identical

- The fans are soft, black, and fluffy which will help you to create beautiful Volume sets easily in the same time as a Classic set.

- Curls: C & D

- Mixed Lengths: 8-15mm

- Dimensions: 5D (0.07mm)

- Also available in 3D(0.07mm), 4D(0.07mm), 6D(0.05mm), 7D(0.05mm), 8D(0.05mm), 9D (0.05mm), 10D(0.05mm), 12D(0.03mm), 14D(0.03mm), 16D(0.03mm), 18D(0.03mm), 20D(0.03mm). We also have Promade Fans With Spikes available in 5D and Coloured Promade Fans available in 6D.

- Heat bonded with minimal use of glue

- Please note that there might be 5-10 fan bases separating since the bond may separate due to transportation and weather conditions.

This product is intended for professional use only.

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