Disposable Eyeliner Brush

Disposable Eyeliner Brush


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Our Disposable Eyeliner Brush is a single-use tool designed for applying eyeliner with precision and hygiene. 

Key Features:

- Packaging: 50pcs Disposable Eyeliner Brushes securely packaged in a safe and clean bag.

- Hygiene: As it's disposable, the brush helps maintain a high level of hygiene by eliminating the risk of bacterial transfer between uses.

- Single-Use Design: The primary characteristic is that it is intended for a single use only, making it convenient for professional makeup applications and personal use.

- Precision Application: It comes with a fine and precise tip, allowing for accurate and defined eyeliner application. The thin brush tip is designed to create sharp lines and intricate details.

- Portability: lightweight and suitable for travel or on-the-go touch-ups.

- Compatibility: typically designed to work with various types of eyeliners, including liquid, gel, or cream formulations.

- Convenience: eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance, providing a convenient solution for users who prefer a hassle-free approach to makeup application.

This product is intended for professional use only.

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