Glue Nozzle Wipes


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Sweet Lashes Australia

Our Glue Nozzle Wipes are the must-have for Lash Artists. A small step that will make a big difference in maintaining the quality of your adhesive.

Key Features:

- Lint-Free & Ultra-Soft: Say goodbye to lint interference! These wipes are meticulously designed to be lint-free and ultra-soft, providing a smooth, residue-free cleaning experience for your glue nozzles.

- Prevent Build-Up, Embrace Precision: After applying your adhesive, gently wipe around the nozzle to say goodbye to build-up and prevent the lid from adhering. Our Glue Nozzle Wipes make maintenance a breeze!

- Effortless Clean-Up: Our wipes ensure a quick and efficient clean, keeping your glue nozzles spotless after each use. No more struggling with stuck lids or messy build-ups.

This product is intended for professional use only.


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