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Elevate your lash extension services with Sweet Lashes Australia Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions. If you have tried all the recommended methods to maximize lash retention but haven't experienced any success, it's time to consider using Sweet Lashes Australia Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions. The science behind this is that it sprays an ultra-fine mist, providing a slight moisture boost to your client's eyelashes once you complete the set. The curing (bonding) process of lash extension adhesive relies on the presence of moisture, and therefore the extra moisture provided by our Nano Mister will help curing the glue faster, ensuring a secure and strong bond.

Key Features:

-Speeds up Curing Process: Sweet Lashes Australia Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions accelerates the curing process of lash adhesives, reducing the waiting time from 24-48 hours to approximately 10 hours. This allows clients to expose their lashes to water and exercise sooner than traditional curing times.

-Reduces Reactions: It helps minimize reactions by eliminating fumes from the lash adhesive more rapidly than usual. This may contribute to reducing redness and swelling, enhancing the overall comfort of the client.

-Color Options: Available in various colors (Black, White, and Pink)

-USB Chargeable: Being USB chargeable makes Sweet Lashes Australia Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions convenient and portable. Professionals can easily charge it between uses, ensuring it's always ready for application.

-Accessories: Includes a convenient bottle for refilling the Nano Mister

How to Use:

  1. Five minutes following the completion of either one eye or an entire set, hold the Lash Nano Mister at a reasonable distance (about 30cm) from the lashes so that only the end of the mist reaches clients' lashes. Avoid bringing the Nano Mister too close to the eyes, as it may result in an excessive amount of water.
  2. Activate the mist with a simple slide, move the mister from left eye to right eye, right eye to left eye for 15-25 seconds in total, allowing the fine mist to envelop the extensions.
  3. Every evening, make sure to empty the bottle and turn it upside down onto a paper towel, allowing it to air dry until its next use. Refill it with distilled water in the morning to ensure optimal safety and hygiene standards. Leaving water overnight may damage the mist, so it's crucial to follow this routine.

This product is intended for professional use only.

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